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So this weekend not only will I be doing some cake pops and an angry bird cake order
packing will commence! Yep we will be transfering into a different unit in May so
everything will need to be probably packed and put away. Honestly I am pretty ok with
this because not only will we finally be in a place far away from our psycho neighbor
but we are going to have a yard sale and get rid of alot of extra stuff that we
have that we don't need. A few swords, some figures, books, glasses, some furniture and etc. The extra cash is going to be put away in the bank or used to help in the moving process. Hopefully there will be a single level apartment with a covered patio availible
if so I think we are going to snag it. Kitties won't be able to hang out by themselves on the patio but it will make things alot easier tbh. I think I am going to look into getting a screen of somesorts to put up to keep them and others out cause there are
alot of strays in the complex. Can't wait till May comes its gonna be a blast!


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